We  added new information about our planning litter, which we are planning in autumn

( winter ) 2014. More information about  these plans we will add in the section PLANNING PUPPIES.

We will complete information and events with our Braccos and our puppies, which are coming from all the world. Beppina's and Circe's CAC from the Italian CLUB SHOW in Caldes including.

In the short time we will add pictures from the last months as well…… hope you will like itJ)))))



Clarenzio di Witigenove – BOB,BEST PUPPY in BREED,  res.BEST PUPPY  IN THE SHOW

Clarenzio was for now on 2 shows with this great results:

Fylde Kennel Association - Best Any Variety Minor Puppy Dog and Res. Best Puppy in Show 

Border Counties Gundog Club - Best of Breed and Best Puppy in Breed Bracco Italiano


Circe di Witigenove – BOB a BEST PUPPY IN THE SHOW

Circe , with which we spent very nice week in Italy, was on the show in Villa d’Ada in Italy, where she won ECC1, BOB and the Best Puppy in the show.


Bacchus di Witigenove – Slovak Champion of beauty

Bacchus, which was some time in Corsica was through on the Nitra Derby show, where he won 2x CAC, 2X CACIB, 1XBOB, 1xBOS.


Argento di Witigenove – Club winner  Konopiste 2013  and BIG 2 on the show Klagenfurt

Asconio was in this year on the club show only as watcher, but he kept fingers to his brother Argento very well, because Argento won Club winner and 3 weeks after the Club show was Argento on the International dog show in Klagenfurt, where he won EXC1, CACA, CACIB, BOB and 2. Place in BIG. Argento is now Czech, Slowak and Austrian Champion of beauty.





In the last year we were remiss in our web-sites, but all the more we  tried our best with our Braccos. Without question the biggest event in the year 2012 is birth of 13 puppies, most of whom are in their new home and some are waiting on the transport. From this litter were

2 pupps export to the shipping country – ITALY. This is the realized dream and the biggest success of our kennnel. We wish all the best to all owners of our puppies and to pupps we wish Good Luck in their life.


We were with our Asconio in the last autumn on some actions, with this results:

All round trial – I.price,, 479 p. ( from 500 max) – The best field working

Memorial Ludka, r.CACIT, CACT- The best field working

Special show – DualCh. Asconio di Witigenove – Exc 1, CAC, Winner of spec.s, BOB, BIS

           Ch. Argento di Witigenove –  Exc1, CAC

More informations from this events can you see in section ACTION




We added GALLERY with all puppies from litter „C“. All informations about this litter can you see in section PLANNED PUPPIES.



We added finally the gallery from our trip to ITALY 2011 and 2012 as well.




The puppies are celebrating one week!!! So we added some pictures.



Our puppies from CH.Beppina di Witigenove and Aston Martin dei Sanchi were born on on Thursday 25.10.2012. Because Beppina is as her mum Agnes and Aston is really Italian , we have 13 puppies - 7 boys and 6 girls ( only two boys are white-orange). More informations about this litter can you see in PLANNED PUPPIES and first pictures are in gallery  - PUPPIES 2012.



20.09. 2012

We are bringing some informations from our kennel. Since, in view of the fact that we have many things to tell you, we can start with the shows.

Ch. Argento di Witigenove – BIG1 on the National dog show


Bacchus di Witigenove – res.CAC on the National dog show in ITALY


The CLUB SHOW in ITALY - Raduno Razze Italiane Volta Mantovana 2012

All our dogs were in the Champion class, were is not possible become CAC and res.CAC – great damage for our kennelL((

Ch. Asconio di Witigenove – ECC2

Ch. Beppina di Witigenove – ECC1

Bacchus di Witigenove – ECC3 – tř.otevřená

Ich. Agnes od Nebeské brány – ECC2


Our dogs on the trials

Ch. Aconio di Witigenove - passed the forest trial

Ch. Argento di Witigenove - passed the forest trial

Ch.Beppina di Witigenove - passed the water trial



Bacchus di Witigenove – HIPS A/A

Bartolomeo di Witigenove in USA – HIPS GOOD, it means A/A





We are bringing some olders, but great news. The weekend 13. - 14. May was for our kennel very very succesful. On Saturday was Ch. Argento on the regional show, Bacchus was on Saturday a Sunday on the International dog SPRINGDUODANUBE in Bratislava. And we were with our dogs and Bellina on the Club show in Prag.

The results were really great.


Ch.Argento di Witigenove – EXC1, CAC and  BIS


Bacchus di Witigenove – 2x EXC1, 2xCAC, 2xCACIB, 2xBOB a BIG1 a BIG5


Ch.Asconio di Witigenove – EXC1, Club winner, BOB, BIS

Ch.Beppina di Witigenove – EXC, CAC, Bellinda di Witigenove – EXC1……





International dog show Budweis - Asconio BIG 2

Asconio di Witigenove - EXC1, CAC, CACIB, BOB,  BIG2

Beppina di Witigenove - EXC1, CAC, CACIB

Bellinda di Witigenove - EXC


Baldovino di Witigenove Champion of Moldova and title CAC on the show in Bulgaria

And you can see through some new pictures of Baldovino, Bianca, Bartolomeo



Our Beppina has become CZECH CHAMPION OF BEAUTY.

And you can look on the new pictures of Bacchus, Antonio, Belinda a Aida




We were this Saturday with our Beppina on the International dog show in Brno, with this results.

Beppina di Witigenove -EXC1, CAC, CACIB - some pictures from this action can you see in galler SHOWS 2012


Argento di Witigenove were on the prestigious action Champion of champions 2011 where he won BIG 5. Congrats.

Some pictures can you see on his web-sites



We chosed and added to album for year 2011 some photos with our Braccos.

And we want wish to all  visitors of our web-sites happy new year. HAPPY NEW YEAR 2012!!!!



We added photos with Bartolomea, where can you see her hunting activities.



We updated gallery litter „B“, where you can see photos of 

Bartolomea, Bacchus, Balaban, Baldovino, Barbara, Bartolomea, Belinda, Beppina, BiceBianca .



We were on Saturday with owner of Belinda on the Specialshow with great results for our puppies:


Beppina di WitigenoveEXC1, CAC

Photo from this show, can you see here.


The next great news.

Argento di Witigenove  - Autumn trial – I.Price

                                       - Slovak champion of beauty

He made in this year Special water trial in I.Price as well. Congrats!!!



Beppina di WitigenoveAutumn trial – I.price, title CACT,  289 points ( from 300 max.)

This trial made Beppina at the age of 16 months on the club action, which arranged Club of German short-haired pointer.She  won already the second title CACT.



Beppina and Belinda di Witigenove HD A/A

Beppina is now breed female!!!


Bartolomeo di Witigenove – the show in Westfield Massachusetts USA. Romo took BOB and Group 3


Argento di Witigenove – International dog show Wroclaw – EXC1, CAC, CACIB, BOB




Memorial Josef΄s Lux – Beppina di Witigenove –, res.CACT

We were on Saturday 21.08.2011 with our youngest Beppina on the Memorial Josef Lux, which arranged our club. On this prestigious and very exacting trial were 24 pointing dogs and only 14 dogs were successful. Our Beppina ages 14 months was amazing and deservedly won with res.CACT.                                             

                                                                                                                      Pictures from Memorial Josef΄s Lux.


We got back two week ago from Italy, where we were among others on a few dog shows. The biggest pleasure  we have had from the success  on the Italian Club show  „RADUNO NAZIONALE  RAZZE ITALIANE – VOLTA MANTOVANA“.  On this show has been 68 Bracco Italiano – 41 bianco –arancio and 27 roano – marrone.


Asconio di Witigenove     – working class EXC 3

Agnes od Nebeské brány – working class – EXC 2, ris CAC

Bacchus di Witigenove    – tř.mladých – EXC 1, BOJ, the best young dog!!

Beppina di Witigenove    – tř.mladých – EXC 1……….photos from this CLUB SHOW


Then we were with Asconio on the International dog show in Orvieto, where he got EXC2 and res.CAC. At the end of our visit in Italy we were with Asconio and Beppina on the Club show in Caldes, both our dogs got EXC. All this resultes are big success for our small kennel :)))


We are preparing another pictures from our Italian trip.



We have two great news.


Bellinda di Witigenove was on the National dog Show  and there she got: EXC1, CAJC, BOJ.

And we got from Switzerland splendid pictures with Agotto – Bracco is really great dog.



Our second puppies have today birthday, so we want to congratulate them to this big day!!!



Argento di Witigenove was on the two days show in Litomerice with the spledid results.

National show Litomerice – EXC1, CAC, National Winnter, BOB and BIG

International dog show – EXC1, CAC, CACIB, BOB and BIG1!!!!

Congrats to this great success……..FOTO.



We were with our Asconio on the next trial - Memorial Vaclav Vancura. Asconio got I.price and title CACT….some pictures from thos action.



 We are bringing some news from our Braccohome :)


International dog show Budweis

Asconio di Witigenove – EXC1, CAC, CACIB, BOB, BIG4

Beppina di Witigenove – EXC1, CAJC

Bellinda di WitigenoveEXC1……….photos from the show


Memorial MVDr. Soukup

Beppina di WitigenoveI.price, CACT – candidate of working champion……photos from trial

In gallery SPRING/SUMMER 2011 can you see some new pictures of our dogs and we got from Cyprus splendid pictures of Baldovino.


We have for you some splendid news.

Antonio „Ares“ was on his first show and at once was he nicest of all Braccos. He got on the International dog show in Berlin ECC1, CAC, CACIB and BOB.


Bartolomea „ Carla“ was as the first puppy from litter „B“ on the trial and her results are wonderful as well. She got the I.Price on the Derby, which arranged Kurtzhaar Club in Hamburg.


Ulisse di Casamassima ( father of our puppies) got on the Club show in Piacenza ( Italy) ECC1, CAC.


We added photos of Agotto and Bellinda as well and in the gallery SPRING/SUMMER 2011. can you see pictures of our dogs, which have begun to train in the field.



At he last weekend we met with two of our puppies. On Konopiste  ( near Prag) with Argento and to Mladosovice came Bacchus. Some pictures can you see in gallery SPRING/SUMMER 2011.


26.02.2011  We added some few photos of Bacchus, Beppina and from Massachusetts we got splendid present.




We were  last Saturday with Asconio, Beppina and Belinda on the International dog show Duocacib Brno. Asconio took res.CACIB. Beppina and Belinda took in the puppy class Very Promising. Argento was on this show on Sunday, he took res.CAC. Some pictures from this action can you see in photogallery VÝSTAVY 2011-SHOWS 2011.



Bartolomeo alias Romo is now  Ch.Bartolomeo di Witigenove. He was on the UKC show in New Jersey. He took 1st place, best of breed and best male and took a group 3, group 2, and then won the Gun Dog Group in the end!!! Congrats and thanks his owner Lori !!!!!!!



If you are interesting, how are growing up our puppies, you can see some pictures of Biondina, Bice, Baldovino, Bartolomeo  and one interesting photo of Bacchus



Our Agnes celebrated today  5th birthday, some pictures from her birthday party can you see HERE.



We updated GALLERY – LITTER „B“ 2010. , if you want to see next photos of puppies ages

6 months - click on the more pictures.



We added photos from  Esposizione Internazionale Canina CREMONA  2010 and from our autumn visit

in Italy too.



We returned on Tuesday evening from Italy, where we were on the International dog show in Cremona too. On this show were entered 24 Braccos

and our Asconio di Witigenove got ECC1 and CAC.



We added BIRTHDAY ALBUM of the puppies from the first litter, the puppies are 2 years old. We thank to all owners of our puppies for the work with photos. We wish you good luck not only with Braccos.



We added some pictures from Saturdays hunting to the album SOMMER/AUTUMN 2010.



The puppies from the first litter have today second birthdays, so we congratulate them and we wish good luck too!!! We are preparing in co-operation with their owners birthday album.

We added some new pictures to the album SOMMER/AUTUMN 2010.



The owners  of our puppies sent to us new pictures, so you can see actuel photos with - Bartolomea, Bacchus and from first litter Antonio.



Last Wednesday left Baldovino and Bice, their new home is now on the Cyprus. They coped the flight fine too.

We wish Good Luck!!



On Friday left Bartolomeo, he flew away to the Massachusetts in USA. The flight he coped good and now he is enjoying  with his new owners. We wish him Good Luck!!

Saturday show Budweis -  Asconio di witigenove Exc1, CAC, CACIB, BOB, BIG 5.




 Photos from Nazional Dog Show Venezia 2010     Pictures from Venetian Laguna



We added to the photogallery SOMMER/AUTUMN -  actual pictures with puppies. From year's litter is available  female – Biondina(white-orange).Next informations can you see in section  PUPPIES-ACTUAL or you can contact us on email:



Asconio di Witigenove Club autumn test  - I.price, CACT.

We were with Asconio past Wed. on Autumn trial (281 p.), which organised Club Kurtzhaar. This trial was very exacting and in our group finished only 2 dogs from 6.

Argento di Witigenove show Mladá Boleslav – V, CAC, CACIB, BOB

And the last todays news is, that Bianca left this morning to the Switzerland.



Argento di Witigenove got at the weekend on the show DUODANUBE: 2xEXC1, 2xCAC,2xCACIB,2xBOB.

If you are interested in Baldovino , Bartolomeo (males)Biondina ,Bice (female) you can contact us.



Last weekend were by us on the visit the puppies from the first litter. On Thursday come to us Alina from Nord Germany. On Saturday Angela, which is now by us on  holidays and on Sunday was by us Argento, which made on Saturday water - trial-Congrats!!!

We updated the cards of Bellinda, Bartolomea, Barbara and Brunetta.



Next puppy - Bacchus left to his new home to the  Slovakia and in gallery FIRST WEEKS are pictures with our puppies.



We updated the GALLERY – LITTER „B“ 2010 and the cards of Bartolomeo, Bianca, Biondina, Bice und Baldovino.



Next puppies are in their new home. Belinda is in Kaplice (CZ), Balaban und Barbara are in  Hamburk  (DE). On Saturday was by us Angela from the last litter. If you are interested in male or female from this litter, you can contact us on email:



We added some pictures to the gallery – FIRST WEEKS. 2 puppies are already by new owners. Brunetta is near to Prag and Bartolomea left to the Heiligenthal - Germany


Our puppies will on Monday 8 weeks old, so we updated for each of them the photogallery.

These pictures can you see in the GALLERY – LITTER „B“ 2010.       And video with puppies.

Another pictures can you see in photogallery - FIRST WEEKS



Some new pictures  before the weekend  can you see in photogallery - FIRST WEEKS.



Our puppies are 5 weeks old, so we have made for each of them the photogallery. These pictures can you see in the GALLERY – LITTER „B“ 2010.



In photogallery - FIRST WEEKS can you see new pictures  with our puppies.



In photogallery - FIRST WEEKS can you see new pictures from the „expedition“ with our puppies.



We added new video with puppies - PUPPIES AND BOTTLE



In photogallery - FIRST WEEKS can you see new pictures with our puppies, all have already names.

And in this gallery we added 3 videos too, you can see how are our puppies, swarming, snarling and fighting.



Our puppies are 11 days old, the smallest has 980 g , the biggest has 1040 g  and they are begining peep  at eye.

And we readied for you ( as a inspiration  before  the weekend) album - BEST ITALIAN POSITIONS.



We have 3 splendid news.

1.Agatha di Witigenove was on the weekend on 2 shows with this results:

National dog show Senec–EXC1, CAC,BOB; show Nitra–EXC1, CAC, CACIB

2.Ulisse di Casamassima ( father our puppies)was on Saturday on the Clubshow, were he got EXC1,CAC. It′s great, because there were 70 braccos!!!

3.Our puppies were yesterday 1 week old an for specification, we have: 4 boys – 2 white-orange, 2 white-brown

8 girls -4 white-orange, 4 white-brown. The actual pictures with puppies can you see in photogallery.



When would you see  - 12 children how are eating  click here.

                                    - Agnes 5 days after the birth



In photogallery are new pictures  with our puppies.



In photogallery can you see some new pictures with puppies.



Today were born puppies from Agnes and Ulisse. We have 12 puppies in the rate 4 boys and 8 girls.

More info and photos can you see here.



We addend new pictures with  Andrea, Argento, Agatha and Apokalypsa. You find them in next pictures.

We updated album SPRING 2010.



Yesterday we were on the International dog show Litomerice. And our results are:

Asconio di Witigenove - EXC1, CAC, CACIB, BOB

Ambra di Witigenove - EXC1, CAC, CACIB



On Sunday 09.05.2010 we were with Asconio on the Clubshow Konopiste 2010.

Asconio di Witigenove – EXC 1, CAC, CLUBWINNER, BOB

Complet results   and      photogallery from this action.

And we have splendid news from Germany too. Alina was on the National dog show in Dortmund.

Alina di Witigenove – EXC1, CAC.



We updated album SPRING 2010. Some of this photos did owners of Apokalypsa.



Two of ours puppies were today on the dog show and both with perfekt result. And Ambra was on the dog show last weekend.

Ambra  - International dog show Budweis : EXC1, CAC, CACIB

Agatha  - International dog show Praha : EXC1, CAC

Argento  - International dog show Praha: EXC1, CAJC, BOB – and wonderful BIG 4



On Saturday  we were with Asconio on  Memorial  MVDr.Vladimira Soukupa.  Asconio got I.price, 225 points

(228 max.) title CACT and splendid 3. place. The  pictures from this action.



Yesterday we was with Agnes by vet-doctor and we saw by own eyeball, that Agnes ist really in pup:))

More informations about this mating.



Next splendid news. Argento has  result HD A/A too.



On tuesday we came back from Italy, where we was on the mating with Agnes. More informations you find in the section PLANNED LITTERS . The  photos from this trip can you in album  Italy spring 2010.  

Than we have next splendid news. JCH Agatha has ( as well as Asconio) HD A/A



We updated the section PLANNED LITTERS and PHOTOGALLERY, where can you find new section „FROM THE WORLD“. In this rubric can you see Braccos, which we met on our rouds and we will try to support next photos.



Last weekend we saw with Argento and his owners. And this weekend we were on the training day by our friends, where was Agatha too. Pictures of both „actions“ can you see in album AUTUMN/WINTER. And as the spring is in a few moments here, we prepared for you album SPRING 2010.



For interest we bring some photos with puppies from kennel od Nebeské brány. All puppies ( father: Saturnino di Cascina Croce x mother: Agota od Nebeské brány) are now in their new home. We wish good luck!!!

We added pair new Pictures with our braccos in ALBUM AUTUMN/WINTER too.



From Sunday 7.2.2010 is our Asconio STUD DOG. He got on Internationale dog show Brno ECC1, so that met last criterion for breeding. Here can you see some Pictures and video with Asconio di Witigenove und Argo dei Giotto.

In the section VIDEO can you see next video with our braccos



We updated section OUR DOGS

In  PHOTOALBUM  -  AUTUMN/WINTER can you see  new pictures with our Braccos.



We welcome all visiters of ours Web-sites in the year 2010. Thank you very much for your favour and we wish you good luck and successes in this year's.We prepared for you summary of results, of which reached ours dogs and  ours puppies in the year 2009.

And as a firs news in the year 2010 we have informations about Agatha di Witigenove. She was on the International dog show and here are the results: EXC 1, CAJC, BOB. Now Agatha

satisfied conditions for title CZECH JUNIOR CHAMPION. Congratulation!!!



After the shorter pause we maked for you  PHOTOALBUM  -  AUTUMN/WINTER .



Our puppies celebrated on  9.November one year. And because all  owners of ours puppies sent to us actually pictures with their pets, we could make „ BIRTHDAY PHOTO ALBUM“ four you. Thanks to all owners and we wish still 13 years to all 13 puppies.



At the weekend 24. – 25.10.2009 we was with Agnes on the all-round trial. It was very good finish of year′s examination season.  For all this trial is really very hard ( Field, Forest and Water trial – 30 disciplines together),  Agnes coped it greatly.

Pictures from this action.

I. price ………………….478 points!! ( from 500 max.points)



Finally we prepared some photos and comment to our holiday in Italy.

Photos from Italian hunt and trial S.Hubert

Photos from the trips

Photos from show in Faenza, where Agnes got BOB



On Sunday 18.10.2009 we were with Asconio and Agrippina on the Natura ability tests. Both puppies worked very good and maked to us big pleasure.

             Agrippina – I.price, 221 points, nose 4……………..WINNER OF EXAMS

             Asconio  -   I.price, 218 points, nose 4……………..3. PLACE

Pictures from this action can you see here



Results of braccos di Witigenove

Junior class dogs- Asconio …...EXC 3; bitches  - Aghata…… EXC 2

Bitches Champion class - Agnes …….EXC 3

Pictures from this action can you see here



On Monday we got back from Italy. It was exacting, but very splendid week. We closed this holiday on the National dog show in Faenze, where Agnes got ECC 1, her fourth Italian CAC and she liked to the judge so much, the he gived to Agnes title BOB. Asconio got ECC 2 and very nice critic. We prepare pictures from Italy.



We got new pictures with Alina and Aida, so you can see that on Alina′s and Aida′s card (more pictures).



Angela’s owners were on holiday, so Angela was on holiday by us.

Here can you see some pictures from Angela’s visit by us.



We learned splendid news. On Sunday 06.09.2009 done our Argento ( in all of 10months) Natura lability test in I.price 213/228 maximum points. Congratulations!!!!!!!!



On Wednesday 26. August we was on autumn trials, which arranged Club short haired pointing dog. On this exams was 17 dogs. Agnes handed up absolute capacity (297 from 300 maximum points), became a WINNER of this exams and got her second CACT. Pictures from this action

We were on Saturday 29. August with Asconio on Internationale dog show. On this show were still two our puppies - Ambra and Argento. Results of ours puppies: Asconio Exc.1, CAJC, Best young dog; Argento Exc. 2;Ambra Exc.1, CAJC.Next Braccos in Ring and their results: Naomi Compatriota di Bonfini Very good 1; Menta Comp. di Bonfini Exc.1, CAC, CACIB, BOB



On Sunday 16. August we made beatiful trip to italian townlet – Sacile. Here was, on the occasion of  736 Sagra dei Osei 40th year National dog show. Agnes obtained in the Working Class her third italian CAC. Asconio got ECC 1 and won Young Class.

Photos from the show and trip to Venice you can see here.



The Apokalypsa‘s owners sent splendid pictures of Apokalypsa. You find it on Apokalypsa‘s Card ( gallery).

At the weekend we was on the visit in Hradec Králové, so we could see one of ours puppies Aghata. She is very lovely and her owners too. The pictures, not only from this visit, you can see in section   PHOTOALBUM – SUMMER 2009. And we updated cards and gallery (more pictures) of  Agrippina, Asconio and Agatha.



Our Asconio was  on two shows and he got two Very Promising 1. Here you can see some pictures from this actions.

We updated  cards and more pictures of Argento, Apokalypsa, Ambra. And Ambra was again on her fourth show and she got fourth Very Promising. Congratulation!!!!!!



Anja and Stephan from Berlin, sent to us some pictures with Antonio. This pictures you can see on Antonio’s card and in his gallery ( more pictures).



We added some pictures from the visit in  Italian Bracco italiano kennel di Montericco.

More in Actions.



We added pictures from

the climb on Monte Ventasso,


Monte Cusna  and from the trip to Lago Calamone


National dog show in Pisa – Agnes received ECC 1, CAC…...more in ACTIONS



We added to the section ACTIONS ( Events) photos and short informations from two Sunday‘s trips in Italy.



For now we added at last photos from the first day in Italy. More in Actions


15.05. 2009

On Monday we got back from Italy, where we were with ours Braccos 10 splendid days. We have a lot of material, so we will it in sequences add. We hope, that it will be interested for you.

But primarly we must work up photos and informations, which we got from ours friends, when we were away.

So by telegram:

1. Ivo sent us splendid photos of 6 monthly Agotto ( Floyd), which you can see on his card ( more pictures)

2.   next lovely pictures we have from Sylvia and Klaus, Alina's photos are on her card ( more pictures)

3.   on Sunday was on Konopiste traditional Club show, where were 2 ours puppies Agatha and Ambra. Both bitch got Very Promising. Pictures from this action are at Agatha in gallery ( more picture)


01.05.2009 At the last weekend was by us Argento on the visit. Together we went on the International dog show to Budweis , where we upheld on of ours puppies Ambra. She was very skilful and she got in the ring Very Promising 1. So we updated card and gallery of Ambra. We have from last weekend a lot of pictures with Agnes, Agrippina, Asconio and Argento.


19.04.2009 The owners of Agatha sent to us very beatiful pictures, so that look you sure at Ahatha‘s card and more pictures on rajče. Next pictures sent Apokalypsa‘s owner Zdeňka. Here look you properly on second picture on rajče ( more pictures). We presume say, that the both girls are in the meanwhile very beatiful lady dog.


09.04.2009 We added some photos of ours braccos—Agnes, Agrippina and Asconio—from past week and weekend. On Tuesday was by us on the visit Angela, so we updated to her cards and gallery  ( more pictures).


29.03.2009 Seeing that, owners of Argento make splendid photos, we made anew cards and gallery ( more pictures) of Argento.


22.03.2009 We added photos from this and last weekend. We were both weekends of course with braccos—not only with ours.


12.03.2009 This Monday left for new house our last puppies. Agotto will live in Switzerland, concretely in Zürich. His new owner Ivo was very lovely not only for us, but above all for Agotto. We have already messages, that the way was OK and Agotto has a good time in his new house. We prepared to Agotto  some pictures from  past weekend and of course with new owner. We wish to Agotto and Ivo good luck, health and many splendid experiences together.


09.03.2009 For this day we made cards and gallery (more pictures) of 

                   Andrea, Agatha, Antonietta, Ambra


06.03.2009  Today we updated cards and gallery (more pictures) of  

                    AidaApokalypsa, Angelina, Argento .


28.02.2009 We had a little time at last, so we added new pictures of our puppies. This pictures are sending from new owners of our puppies. For this day we made cards and gallery of Tonda and mascot of litter „A“ Alina. Photos of next puppies we will add continuously in nearest days. So all new owners can compare, how their darlings growth.


10.02.2009 Argento was by us on the visit and we added Gallery “Weekend with Bracco Italiano“


01.02.2009 Today we adapted cards of our puppies and Agotto has some new pictures in his gallery.


27.01.2009 Short summary of that, how grew and how left us our puppies for now.

Andrea – 25.01.2009 – owners - Juliane and Guillermo - Vilsbiburg (DE)

Angela       – 25.01.2009 – owners - Pavlina and Rainer  - Vilsbiburg (DE)

Antonietta - 18.01.2009 – owner Tilo  -  Freiberg ( DE)

Argento  -     17.01.2009 – owners Káťa and Karel - Praha ( CZ)

Agatha      – 11.01.2009 – owners Pavel and Marketa  - H.Králové ( CZ)

Antonio    –   08.01.2009 – owners Anja and Stephan – Berlin- ( DE )

Aida           – 03.01.2009 – owner  Luboš – Litoměřice ( CZ)

Ambra       – 30.12.2008 – owner Ivana – Sulice ( CZ)

Apokalypsa – 30.12.2008 – owner Zdeňka Praha (CZ)

Alina          – 29.12.20008 – owners Sylvia  and Klaus – Sonsbeck (DE)


All new owners are very lovely and we believe, that our puppies will be very happy in their new home. Thank you for informations and pictures of our puppies. We wish good luck, health and of course lot of working and showing accomplishments with puppies di Witigenove:)))) In this moment we have still 1 boy free . If you are interested in this puppy, contact us here.


24.01.2009 We added  short video with obedience training.

 Cacho (Andrea) .wmv

 Agrippina .wmv





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