09.11.2008 our Agnes gave birth to unbelievable 13 puppies  in the rate of 8 girls x 5 boys







BIRTHDAY  ALBUM   - PUPPIES ARE 1 YEAR OLD                       Pictures of Agnes' puppies                           

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Date of birth:  22. 05. 2006

Breeder: Antonio Casamassima

Owner:    Andrea Vaccari

Colour:      brown and white

More photos  of Ulisse di Casamassima

Video with Ulisse

Ulisse di Casamassima(IT)

CH. Agnes od Nebeské brány(CZ)


Date of birth: 06. 01. 2006

Breeder:  Marcela Léblová

Owner:     Karel Kahuda

Colour:       white and orange

More photos  of Agnes od Nebeské brány

Video with Agnes


The mating took place 07.09.2008 in Italian Fogliano (R.E.), where Ulisse live.

Some of photos from our mating“trip to Italy


Ulisse di Casamassima (Uli)  is young, lovely and  friendly  dog. We have seen his work in field,  it was ( 10 minutes after mating) very taste and  speedy. In the places, where is the smell of wildlife, he comes to  typically gallop with perfect power of hing – limbs.

Uli was on the four club shows and  he got fourtimes excellent. His father Rosco di Montericco was threetimes in nationale final of St.Hubert‘s hunting. Seeing that owner of Rosco and Ulisse is passionate hunter, both of dogs are used in hunting practices.